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         Mimpex@RPM introduces China origin five-axis CNC machine, model NJ5HMC40, which is a key processing equipment to meet with urgent needs of civilian industry and arms industry such as aviation, aerospace, high precise instrument, electricity, ships, etc.  

Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40
Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40

The technical parameters in the right table might be updated following with our technology innovations & improvements, latest technical parameters could be written in contract.

  • Precise
  • High Speed
  • Multiaxial Linkage
Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40
Worktable Dimension Fi400mm
Max. Worktable Load 500Kg
Index of Rotary Table (C-Axis) 0.001°*360000°
Max. Workpiece Diameter 500mm
Max. Workpiece Height 500mm
Speed of Rotary Table
Swing Head (B-Axis) Speed
Index of Swing Head 0.001°*110000°
Stroke of X-Axis/Y-Axis/Z-Axis 700/500/400mm
Rotary Range of B-Axis/C-Axis 0~-110°/ 0~360°
Main Spindle Conicity NO.40°(Standard), HSK-E40°(Optional)

Main Spindle Speed

0~20,000rpm (Standard), 0~40,000rpm (Optional)
Feed Speed (X/Y/Z)
Rapid Feed Speed 60,000mm/min
Positioning Accuracy (X/Y/Z) 0.004mm (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
Re-Positioning Accuracy (X/Y/Z) 0.002mm (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
B-Axis Rotary Indexing Positioning Accuracy 10" (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
B-Axis Rotary Indexing Re-Positioning Accuracy 6" (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
C-Axis Rotary Indexing Positioning Accuracy 5" (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
C-Axis Rotary Indexing Re-Positioning Accuracy 3" (ISO230-2:1997 Standard)
Minimum Resolution (X/Y/Z) 0.0001mm
Minimum Resolution (B/C) 0.001/0.0001°
Detecting Device for X/Y/Z-Axis LF183 Linear Optical Scale
Detecting Device for C-Axis RON785 Circular Optical Scale
Detecting Device for B-Axis RON285 Circular Optical Scale
Tool Magazine Capacity
20 (or 48)
Cutter Dimension 63*300mm
Max. Cutter Weight 6Kg
Cutter Selection Fixed
Cutter Shank Model
ISO40 (or HSK-E40)
Standard Control CNC System Fanuc-18i-MB (Five Axis Five Linkage)
Storage of CNC System 512K
Nominal Input of Compressed Air 0.5-0.6Mpa, 280L/min
Overall Dimension of Machine 3640*2820*2890mm
Net Weight 11,000Kg

1. Main field of applications of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40

  • 1.1 Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 is a machine with five axis (X, Y, Z, B, C) five linkage function, which adopts modular design configuration. The worktable is a continous indexing rotary one (C-Axis 0~360°), the spindle head is a continuous indexing swing head (B-Axis 0~110°), so it could realize any five axis five linkage machining.
  • 1.2 Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 is digitally controled by computer, has straight line, circular arc and helical line interpolation functions, etc.
  • 1.3 Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 is a high efficient, high precise, high flexible five axis five linkage machining center.
  • 1.4 Optional components/systems of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 have automatic exchange set of two stations pannel workpiece (abbr.2PC), workpiece detection system, cutting tools detection system and related numerical control system. Thus we could automatically measure workpiece's positions and checkout abrasions or breakage status of cutting tools to realize life management of cutting tools.
  • 1.5 After being clamped once, Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 could finish milling, boring, reaming, threading and rough/precise machining on contour outlines at one time.
  • 1.6 Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 is a micron order machining center whose positioning precise and indexing precise of rotary table could reach micron order level.
  • 1.7 Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 is widely used in machining parts with complex curved surfaces in various mechanical workouts like blades, impellers, moulds and dies, etc. It could meet with requirements of various machining on accessories of micromidi cabinets and interspace curved surfaces.

2. Pricncipal features of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40

  • 2.1 Design Features: The modular configuration design of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 could utmost adapt shapes changes and ranges changes of various workpieces to meet with different users' demands. High rigid modular structure design insures high rigid and high precise of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40, which could realize rough machining, precise machining either on simple parts or complex surfaces. The various types of worktables from modular struture designs could meet with and fulfill various special machining requirements, and so Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 needs small floor space and help Buyers save much in investments.
  • 2.2 Main Strutures: The machine tool body, columns, tool carriage, spindle box, worktable all adopt Meehanite cast iron with reasonble reinforcement structure to issure best static state and dynamic stiffness. The inclined machine tool body, fixed framework column structure could guarantee high stability and high rigidity of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40, and framework type tool carriage and spindle box with higher rigidity, lighter weight issure 60m/min fast feed speed and 1g accelerated velocity of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40. The rotary worktable (C-Axis) is installed at the inclined surface of machine tood body, moving axises are all installed onto columns, while the whole sealing protective cover completely detaches the machining zone and the moving zone of coordinate, such design is helpful to elimination of cooling liquid and cutting scrap, such design could decrease the machine tool body's distortion arised from temperature variation of cutting scrap's liquid. And becasue moving axises' guide rails, driving organs, motors, detecting system, limit switches, cables are all arranged outside of machining zone, it could improve machine's stability, make maintenance easy.
  • 2.3 The Driving of Machine's Guide Rails and Axises.
    The X, Y, Z axises adopt micron order prefasten circulating roller straight line rails, adopt nicety scraping technology on its installation base to issure guide rails have higher rigidity and micron order precision. All linear axises adopt 22N.M AC servo motor to direct drive large lead double nuts leadscrew, X-axis adopts driving via dual lead screws and dual servo motors.
  • 2.4 Machine Tool's Detection System
    The X, Y, Z axises of Five Axis CNC Machinery NJ5HMC40 all adopt HEIDENHAIN linear raster ruler to realize entire closed ring checkout, the X-Axis adopts dual raster rulers detection to issure X-Axis's high positioning precise. The rotating shafts of machine tool B (swing head), C (rotary worktable) adopt HEIDENHAIN round raster ruler to realize entire closed ring checkout to issure positioning precise of ratating shafts.
  • 2.5 Chief Axis of Machine Tool
    Machine tool is configged with a electric chief axis for high speed machining, which adopts ceramic ball bearing with oil, air lubricating organs to make chief shaft's maximum speed reach 40,000r/min. The taper hole of chief shaft adopts HSK-E40. The temperature control of chief shaft adopts entirely closed cycle cooling fluid constant temperature control apparatus to issue stable precises of chief shaft. The power of machine tool's chief shaft could be choosed according to Buyers' machining requirements, optional chief shaft's speeds are 15,000r/min~25,000r/min, torque is around 50~80N.M, taper hole of chief shaft adopts HSK-A63.
  • 2.6 Machine Tool's Cooling System
    This machine tool adopts half dry type cold air apparatus as cutting cooling system, which not only improves parts' machining efficiency for high speed cutting, but also improves the machining precise and surface quality of workpieces to higher level. Because cold air is consisted of clean air and minim oilmist with oilmist processing unit, and machine tool adopts entire closed protection covers, so such machine tool is friendly with environment.
  • 2.7 Automatic Tool Exchange System
    There could be 20pcs tools (optional 48pcs tools) in machine's disk type tools bank which is driven by servo motor to choose suitable indexing tool and work with chief shaft's motion to realize automatic tool exchanges without robot hands. It is a simple & stable tool exchange system.
  • 2.8 Numerical Control System
    This machine tool is configged with microminiature, ultra thin type Numerical Control System, model FANUC Series 18i-MB5, which has rich functions, high reliability open type CNC. Such CNC control part is integrated with 14" color LCD (liquid crystal display). This machine tool adopts FSSB, I/O Link hypervelocity serial communications, simplifizes hardware links, has richful network functions (ethernet as standard configuration) to connect with internet for realization of remote diagnosis. The system has RISC processor which has AL nanometer level high precise contouring control, cutting tools' central spot control, 3D three dimensions cutting tools' radius compensation, 3DM circular interpolation, etc. The system is also suitable for high power, high speed I series digitial AC servo driving and servo motors to make machine tool has high precise & high efficiency functions.

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