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       Mimpex@RPM provides index of extrusion die design knowledge from mould handbook for reference purpose. If you have qualified & related articles about extrusion die design to be published in this webpage, or you want to have your company to be advertised in this webpage, please feel free to contact with us.


Content No.01 The Elementary Knowledge of Mold Design and Moulds Manufacture
Content No.02 Die Materials and Its Heat Treatment
Content No.03 Cold-punched Die Design
Content No.04 Forging Die Design
Content No.05 Die Mould Design
Content No.06 Extrusion Die Design
Content No.07 Light Industry Mould Design
Content No.08 Powder Metallurgy Mould Design
Content No.09 Mould Processing Equipments
Content No.10 Mould Manufacturing Engineering
Content No.11 Mould Precision Processing Technology
Content No.12 All Classes of Moulds' Machining Essentials
Content No.13 CAD/CAM Technology for Moulds
Content No.14 Mould/Die Installation, Debuging and Maintainance
Content No.15 Related Standard Specification on Die/Mould's Design/Manufacture

Content No.6 Extrusion Die Design

Chapter No.1 Extrusion Die Design Basis

Section No.1 Brief Introduction of Extrusion Technique
Section No.2 Non-ferrous Metal's Extrusion Characteristics
Section No.3 Classification and Assembly Types of Hot Extrusion Die

Chapter No.2 Extrusion Process Design

Section No.1 Cold Extrusion Parts' Manufacturability
Section No.2 Technological Process Working-out and Distortion Degree of Cold Extrusion
Section No.3 Pressure Calculation of Cold Extrusion
Section No.4 Cold Extrusion's Process Design Principles
Section No.5 Cold Extrusion's Process Layout

Chapter No.3 Hot Extrusion Die Design

Section No.1 Hot Extrusion Die Design Basis
Section No.2 Fundamental Elements of Hot Extrusion Die Design
Section No.3 Bar Section's Hot Extrusion Die Design

Chapter No.4 Cod Extrusion Die Design

Section No.1 Workpieces' Design
Section No.2 Male Die/Female Die Working Portion's Dimensions Calculation
Section No.3 Cold Extrusion Combined Female Die Design
Section No.4 Combined Female Die's Pressfitting Method

Chapter No.5 Warmheat Extrusion Die Design

Section No.1 Warmheat Extrusion Die Design Summarization
Section No.2 Warmheat Extrusion Calculation
Section No.3 Warmheat Lubrication and Die Design

Index of Mould Handbook

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